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Full Time Cosmetology Instructor:

GENERAL SUMMARY OF DUTIES: Will perform a variety of routine duties, as needed, to teach cosmetology to junior and senior students, using a variety of teaching methods such as lectures and demonstrations and using audiovisual and technological aids to supplement the presentations


  • Performs performance-based objectives and outlines for course of study following curriculum guidelines and requirements of the college and state and federal initiatives
  • Organizes program of practical and technical instruction, including demonstrations of skills required in the cosmetology professions, and lectures on theory, techniques and terminology; prepares outline of instructional programs and studies and assembles materials to be presented
  • Instructs students in subject areas such as use, maintenance and the safe operation of tools and equipment, codes or regulations related to the Cosmetology Program
  • Instructs students in the importance of accuracy, neatness, efficiency, resourcefulness and good work habits in obtaining employment as Cosmetologists
  • Assigns lessons to students and corrects homework; administers tests to evaluate achievement of students in technical knowledge and practical skills
  • Keeps records of daily attendance and student progress; reports to Lead Instructor and Registrar
  • Presents subject matter to students, utilizing a variety of methods and techniques, such as lectures, discussions or demonstrations; ensures use of classroom time is organized and that instruction and clean-up (if applicable) can be accomplished within the allotted time
  • Assists students, individually or in groups, with lesson assignments to present or reinforce learning concepts; responds to basic student questions; may initiate study groups in preparation for examinations
  • Enforces classroom protocols, rules and regulations; maintains classroom discipline; utilizes effective classroom management techniques