Student of The Month - December

Congratulations to Senior Student Najeebah Pinson, Student of the Month for December! Najeebah is an overachiever and brings a standard of excellence to everything she does. Najeebah takes great pride in her academics, attendance, attitude and appearance, works great with classmates and is highly requested on the student salon floor. Congratulations Najeebah, this is your season, this is your time. 

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Student of the Month - November

A special Congratulations to Student of the Month for November, Senior Student Kiarra Degraffenreid. Kiarra has shown consistent growth as a student stylist, dedicated to learning, very dependable and takes great pride in her education. Academics, Attendance, Appearance and Attitude, she has it all working in her favor and is well deserving of Student of the Month. Congratulations Kiarra! This is your season, this is your time.

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A Creative Hair School & Teach 2 Reach Cosmetology Collaboration

This is what it is all about. Working together & giving back.


On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day CHSC & Teach 2 Reach teamed up for a free basic clipper cutting instructional class for young men & women ages 14-18. 


Over 30 participants learned basic clipper knowledge, draping techniques, sanitation practices and of course they got a chance to explore working with the clippers themselves on mannequins.


Kesha Norman of Teach2Reach has been putting on this annual event and reached out to Creative Hair School to make this collaboration possible in an effort to give back to the community.  


We like to thank Kesha Norman from Tearch2Reach, you are the & to this special group of young people, thank you for having the curiosity to explore on the options & opportunities available to you. Keep and open mind, keep learning, keep reaching. 


The world is yours.

Student Styles Rip the Runway


With cool happenings & fashionable events going on in every pocket of the city, a few of our students got in on the action by volunteering their time & talent at two recent Fashion Show Events.

This photo was taking at The INspire Movement Fashion Show held at the Buckham Gallery in Flint, MI

This photo was taking at The INspire Movement Fashion Show held at the Buckham Gallery in Flint, MI


Talent is blossoming in this community and many people are finding ways to express their creativity and art.  This winter fashion season, a few of our students were able to experience the fashion world behind the scenes...

Monique as she preps model for runway.

Monique as she preps model for runway.

Sam focused on braiding, making sure its perfect for showtime.

Sam focused on braiding, making sure its perfect for showtime.


"This was my second fashion show" mentioned Monique, "I really enjoyed watching all the looks come together and the ideas that the designers created". "It was very intense and fun at the same time.  Ive never serviced so many people in one day" Sam says once she's finished with the models. The girls were very excited about the opportunity. 


Just a few weeks prior to The INspire Movement created by Shanise Ollie, Kala Wilburn held her 2nd Annual Vehicle City Fashion Week.  Two students including Monique also participated in the event.

Both Ollie and Wilburn ask that the ladies that participated in the events as hairstyles create a specific looks they wanted their models to have. 

The students that participated in both events did their best at creating those hairstyles which pieced together the LOOK!

As a school we believe in the importance of students stepping out and getting a taste of  real world experience.  When learning meets this playing field we call the real world, is when the real learning actually begins, and thus a diverse well rounded cosmetologist is born. 

As students it is essential that you learn as much as you can, push yourself, take on challenges so that you may grow as a cosmetologist and exceed far in this industry.

Both events were created to bring a positive light to the community and to help others recognize all the great things that this city has to offer.

If you are interested in finding out more about The INspire Movement or the Vehicle City Fashion Week check out their links below:


Shanise Ollie, Owner of Belle Rebel Boutique

Director at The INspire Movement   



Kala Wilburn, Owner, Operator                            



The Something of the Week - Artist Access



Here at Creative Hair, we encourage students to take their education & career into their own hands.

"stars are made outside of school hours"

We use artist access which is an awesome teaching aid that allows students to access (pun intended) classroom learning outside of school hours.

  • video tutorials
  • mock exams
  • audio learning
  • power-point  

An entire Cosmetology educational library in the palm of your hand.

A great resource to get that edge!