Eligibility Requirements for Federal Student AID

A student is eligible for Federal student Aid at creative hair school if he/she:

  • Is a U.S. Citizen (or) an eligible non citizen
  • Has a valid Social Security number
  • Has a High School Diploma (or) G.E.D
  • Is registered with Selective Service (if a male between the ages of 18 and 25)
  • Demonstrates financial need (for most programs)
  • Does not owe money on a federal student grant (such as a Pell Grant)
  • Is not in default on a federal student loan (such as a Direct Loan)
  • Is enrolled in the Cosmetology program (see Admissions requirements below)
  • Maintains satisfactory academic progress (SAP) while in school (see the Creative Hair School SAP policy in Course Catalog)

All eligibility requirements must be maintained throughout your education to continue receiving federal student aid. If you have questions regarding your eligibility, please contact the Financial Aid Office!

Admission requirements FOR CREATIVE HAIR

A student is eligible to attend Creative Hair school if he/she:

  • Is at least 17 years of age
  • Has a valid picture ID (such as a driver's license or state ID)
  • Has a High School Diploma (or) G.E.D
  • Has Social Security Verification
  • Is able to attend scheduled hours - See program schedules 

  Program training for Cosmetology also requires:

  • Standing for Long Periods
  • Finger Dexterity
  • Creativity & and Artistic Eye
  • Listening & Customer Service skills
  • Tidiness
  • Time-Management skills
  • Reading, Comprehension & Studying skills
  • Black & Gray, Stylish, Professional Attire

If you have questions regarding your eligibility for admission, or the training requirements, please contact the Admissions Office!